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Diesel Services:

  • Raw water-cooling system flushes – Engine running hotter than usual? Does it cool down when you back off the throttle? That’s a sign your raw water-cooling system is getting clogged up. A typical twin-engine heat exchanger removal can cost you thousands of dollars. This service is designed to clean the entire system while costing approximately a quarter of the removal services.

  • Heat exchanger services – replacement and repair of damaged tubes.

  • Charge air services (aftercoolers and intercoolers)

  • Annual services – oil changes, filter changes, belts, anodes, antifreeze flushes, impellers, seacock, and strainer services, touch up paint, transmission oil changes, transmission filter cleaning/replacement, and air filter recharging.

  • Fuel Services – Injectors, injection pumps, lift pumps, injection lines, flex-fuel lines, and tank pickup tubes.

  • Exhaust – Turbochargers, mufflers, water discharge elbows, and replacement of exhaust hoses.

  • Starter and alternator replacements/repairs.

  • Valve adjustments – Adjustments are often overlooked. Let your engine breathe the way the factory meant it to with a proper valve adjustment.

  • Engine alignments – Get rid of that annoying vibration under your feet and extend the life of your driveline equipment.

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